BAC Regular Meeting with Battalion Commander and BGHMC-IDB

BAC Regular Meeting with Battalion Commander and BGHMC-IDB

The Battalion Regular Meeting  (BAC) was held at NIIT Baguio, 5th-floor AYO Building, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City on August 19, 2021.  National Chaplain of the Philippines Pastor Melchor Cuyajon led the invocation.

Baguio City Councilor and BAC Chairperson Vladimir Cayabas presided over the meeting and introduced the guests and speakers who are present, they are Ms. Czarina Mendoza- Topics about Health-Related issues she is also a BAC Member and BGHMC-IDB and the New Deputy Battalion Commander from Atok, Benguet PLTCOL NIXON LARUAN LAOYAN.

And also introduced the Youth Mobile Force who will be sworn in as a member of the BAC which also includes members of the Mental Health IHSU and media sector from the Digital Online Filipino News-Sentinel.

Chair Cayabas started the agenda at the meeting which reviewed the content of the minutes of the previous meeting and lately it was approved and adopted the content of the meeting.

The chairperson told the secretariat, “ for adjustment to maximize the resources that no need to print out especially during the distribution of the invitation, but as to the minutes of the meeting if possible just send through email or maybe send it through the group chat so that we could discuss it also as a group, by the way, an advance information so that all of us are aware of the content of such meeting because basically, the content of the minutes of the meeting will serve as our official reference especially in our decision making, we could also utilize for example the digital technologies so that next time we could present also the content of the minutes so that we could comment probably page by page or line by line,” he said

PCPT. JIM CRIS DAGDAG – Head Secretariat of RMFB15 who give an update on the actionable items raised during a previous regular meeting and followed to introduce the scholar RMFB15-1504th MC scholar Patrolman Gerrymar Daogas for sharing of gratitude.

According to the YMF President Ruth Roniela Reyes, “The Youth Mobile Force is the “The Youth of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow” KABATAANG YMF, KAISA SA PAGLILINGKOD SA BAYAN, to maintain our plans and programs we should develop an advocacy and commitment and to support the RMFB15 mandated task in serving and protecting the community,”

Lastly, Councilor and BAC Chairperson Vladimir Cayabas awarded the Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Czarina Mendoza of BGHMC-IDB and to Patrolman Gerrymar Daogas – MC Scholar of RMFB15-1504th.    Mario D. Oclaman / FNS

Mario Oclaman