Apayao BARANGAYanihan: Spreading kindness and generosity while coping with the pandemic challenges

Apayao BARANGAYanihan: Spreading kindness and generosity while coping with the pandemic challenges

“Mamalasang”, a term in the province of Apayao synonymous to bayanihan, is alive and thriving as police, local government and the community work together to address the lasting effects of the pandemic to people’s social and economic way of life.

In line with the BARANGAYanihan efforts being done by PROCOR cops in various parts of the region, Apayao Police headed by PCOL PETER TAGTAG as the Provincial Director, has initiated similar activities.

More than .6M worth of food and grocery items were given to a total of 950 households under the “Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko” program. Also, when the community quarantine was implemented last year to contain the spread of the virus, 257 locally stranded Individuals including workers who lost their jobs outside the province, were provided with “Libreng Sakay” thus reuniting them with their families.

Known as the most peaceful province in the Cordillera, Apayao, with its seven municipalities devoted to agricultural production, livestock and poultry breeding, was not spared with the economic effects of the pandemic. With the upsurge of Covid-19 cases, Apayao cops in collaboration with other government institutions, bring their services to reach even the remotest areas in the province.

In the spirit of bayanihan, police and barangay officials have completed a shelter which is now being used by students coming from areas with poor internet connection in Barangay Buluan, Conner, Apayao, for their online learning.

Furthermore, mobile barangayanihan pantries were established by the Municipal Police Stations to cater to the essential needs of the residents in their area.

The Conner MPS BARANGAYanihan moving pantry, started thru the cash donations of its personnel and originally aimed to buy grocery items for selected 30 beneficiaries of Barangay Manag only. After it was posted in social media, concerned citizens and barangay officials from different barangays of Conner, Apayao expressed their willingness to support the said program.

Currently, the mobile pantry continues to cater to residents in need including senior citizens and Person With Disability (PWD) of Barangay Paddaoan, and aims to cover all the 21 barangays under their Area of Responsibility.

Aside from these, continuous infodemic drive and distribution of facemasks and face shields are being conducted by the police to urge the public’s cooperation. (PROCOR RPIO)