A monument for Captain Juan M. Duyan

A monument for Captain Juan M. Duyan

A monument for Captain Juan M Duyan was unveiled and inaugurated on the grounds of Kalinga PPO at Brgy. Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga.

Coinciding the celebration of Kalinga Day, the simple inauguration and unveiling ceremony was attended by PROCOR Regional Director, PBGEN RONALD O LEE.

Other key personalities who were present in the ceremony were PRO2 Regional Director, PBGEN STEVE B LUDAN; Congressman Allen Jesse C Mangaoang; and Governor Ferdinand B. Tubban.

Present also are the family members of the late Captain Duyan.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by PBGEN LUDAN along with Mr. Juan Victor Duyan Jr., son of former Hon. Duyan. They were assisted by the Acting Provincial Director of Kalinga PPO, PCOL PETER M TAGTAG, JR.

Then, followed by the unveiling of a commemorative marker graced by PBGEN LEE and the blessing of the monument officiated by REV FR (PLTCOL) JONATHAN L CHY.

Considered as a Kalinga Hero, the late Honorable and Captain Juan M. Duyan became the first elective chief executive of the province of Kalinga-Apayao. His great leadership gave rise to the congressional approval of law which divides the old Mountain Province into four political subdivisions and one of which is the Kalinga- Apayao.

Captain Duyan fought courageously in the Bataan campaign and helped in organizing guerilla units under USAFIP-NL. (PROCOR-PIO)