1,548 avail of face-to-face Labor Day jobs fair

1,548 avail of face-to-face Labor Day jobs fair

Some one thousand five hundred fifty-eight individuals availed of the first-ever face-to-face Labor Day Jobs Fair last May 1, 2022 since the onset of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID) 2019 pandemic.

Based on the data obtained from the Cordillera office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-CAR) and the City Public Employment and Service Office (PESO), 949 individuals composed of 491 females and 458 females registered and applied for the jobs offered by local companies while some 599 individuals (3331 females and 261 males) also registered and applied for the vacant jobs of participating overseas employment companies.

Further, there were some 808 individuals (423 females, 385 males) who qualified for the positions in the local companies which they applied for, while there were some 536 individuals (297 females, 239 males) initially qualified for the positions they applied for in the various participating overseas employment companies.

On the other hand, some 113 applicants (57 females, 56 males) did not qualify for the local jobs they applied for, while there are some 63 overseas applicants (34 females, 29 males) who did not qualify for the overseas job positions they applied for.

For those applicants who were hired on the spot, there were some 28 applicants (11 females, 17 males) who applied for jobs offered by the local companies while there was no applicant hired on the spot by the participating overseas companies.

Some 631 individuals (335 females, 296 males) were nearly hired for the positions that they applied for in local companies while there were some 471 applicants (337 females, 134 males) nearly hired by the overseas companies.

For the applicants that were placed, there were some 659 individuals (346 females, 313 males) who were placed in local companies ,while there were some 471 individuals (337 females, 134 males) who were also placed by the overseas employment companies where they filed their respective applications.

There were some 24 applicants (16 females, 8 males) who were referred to the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for skills training while 4 applicants (2 females, 2 males) were referred to the Department of Trade  and Industry (DTI) for available business opportunities based on their existing qualifications.Lastly, there were some 62 job applicants (48 females, 14 males) who were referred to the various participating agencies for assistance for further skills enhancement for future jobs. – Dexter A. See