12 Individuals arrested for illegal gambling in Abra

12 Individuals arrested for illegal gambling in Abra

A joint anti-illegal gambling operation of Bangued MPS, and HPG-Abra resulted in the arrest of twelve individuals who were caught in the act of playing dado, a form of dice game at Barangay Angad, Bangued, Abra on July 22, 2021.

Based on the reports sent to PROCOR Regional Director, PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE identified the arrested suspects as Angelito Bisquera Ambuyat, 43, Jestoni Baldos Pasaludos, 30, Mark Ferrary Billedo Belleza, 35, Nathaniel Raboso Rafanan, 32, Severo Tupasi Valera Jr., 73, Benjamin Talaga Bringas, 25, Randy Blaza, 48, Eduardo Bersalona Bilan, 42, Alexander Polig Briosos, 55, Rowel Calidguid Baldomar, 49, Louis Talaga Bringas, 32, and Edgar Aguilar Benabese, 51.

Accordingly, the operatives responded to a report of a concerned citizen about the alleged illegal gambling activities.

As the result of the police response, twelve individuals were arrested while others eluded the arrest and scampered away in different directions.Β 

Along with their arrest, operatives also seized two pcs dice; a blue PVC tube pipe used as β€œtubong”; two pcs saucer small white plate; plywood long table; and bet money amounting to Php3,646.00.

Arrested suspects were brought to Abra Provincial Hospital for medico-legal examination and subsequently to Bangued MPS together with the confiscated pieces of evidence for proper disposition. A case for violation of PD 1602 (Illegal Gambling) is filed against the suspects. ###


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