112th Baguio Day activities

112th Baguio Day activities

BAGUIO CITY – This year’s lined-up Baguio Day activities with the theme “Moving Forward as One,” shall be celebrated with creativity, culture, wellness and nature, as stated in Executive Order 97 issued by Mayor Benjamin Magalong last week.

This Sunday, August 29, a kick-off happens at Session road with a resumed showcase to help the city’s micro small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs), City Tourism and Special Events Officer (CTSEO) Engr. Aloysius Mapalo said during the management committee meeting last week.

The establishments along the city’s main road are encouraged to participate and adopt a country and western theme, same as that of the Baguio Country Fair in 2019, he added.

Everybody, however, is directed to follow minimum public health protocols (MPHS) so as to help in the control of the Covid virus and variants. Though not the time to hold usual activities as one united Baguio, the spirit of celebration abounds, Mapalo said. For the short morning program starting at 8 on Sept. 1, only city officials are allowed at the Baguio Convention center.

Virtual or online or live streamed activities with the audience in the confines of their homes are in vogue for these times, he added.

A virtual awarding of five outstanding citizens is done during the program, after which a launching of the #Breathe Baguio campaign and the Urban Heritage Development Plan by City Planning and Development Officer Architect Donna Tabangin is presented.  

The mayor then gives a short State Of the City Address (SOCA), and unveiling future plans for the city as well. As part of the virtual set-up, messages from President Rodrigo Duterte and other national officials and guests are shown, while Tourism Secretary Bernadette Puyat may be in town for the occasion.

She is present for the unveiling of the city’s brand, as well as the vaccination of tourism workers.

After the program, a ribbon-cutting of the month-long photo exhibit “Hidden figures, hidden hope” is done with all the dignitaries present.

The photo exhibit is focused on glimmers of hope seen with efforts on rebuilding after the Covid-19 pandemic, Mapalo said.

The activity is followed by a short walk to the Postal Office area where a mock-up of the urban mobility concept shall be unveiled.

A simulation of the envisioned heritage core of Session road, and what to expect as the focus is on pedestrians walking or maybe cycling within the area, Mapalo added that comments may be directed to the CTSE office for the improvement of the project.

The area is open until the end of September, Mapalo said.

An air drone show shall also be set up at Melvin Jones, Burnham park; a showcase of pure Filipino technology for economic recovery, Mapalo added.

On September 2, the smart city command center is unveiled with city officials led by Mayor Magalong and national guests present.

A revival of the Miss Baguio contest is also presented virtually, with the participants in a mini-bubble. All activities shall be live-streamed or presented online for home audiences, Mapalo said.

A month-long activity after the screening, photoshoot and training for the past two weeks, rehearsal is ongoing and the coronation is on Sept. 30.

Accordingly, of the 12 contestants, a physician and a nurse actively in the battle against Covid-19 gamely joined for social and mental health gain.

An online Bag-iw Fun Facts Quiz Bee in coordination with the Outstanding Students of CAR (OSCAR) Alumni community and youth commission takes place on Sept. 1, covering the city’s history, culture, tourist sites and other history-based topics. With the Baguio day, celebratory activities extended beyond September, the unveiling of the “Wall of Heroes” mural is tentatively scheduled in October, at the BGH rotunda.

Local artists have collaborated for the creation of figures honoring frontliners, workers and even Covid-19 survivors. As all activities are online, Baguioites are reminded to celebrate at the safe confines of their homes. –juliegfianza