18 May 2021 – The proposed construction of the city’s youth convergence center within a portion of the Baguio Athletic Bowl will be completed in two years after the city government allocated the funds for one of the major projects of the present administration.

City Administrator Bonifacio dela Pen֮a informed members of the city council during last Monday’s regular session that of the P391 million required funding for the project, the local government will be shelling out some P341 million while the public works department will be providing its counterpart of P50 million for the project.

He added that the youth convergence center will be composed of 6 floors with the first floor serving as a parking area that could accommodate approximately 60 vehicles, the second floor will be the youth convergence center, the third floor will be an area for indoor sports similar to the fourth, fifth and six floors where a basketball court and bowling lanes will be established.

The city administrator explained it took time for the city to finalize the plans and design of the youth convergence center because the city government’s technical personnel had to coordinate with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) on the prescribed specifications of the indoor sports facilities to conform with existing standards so that the city can host PSC-sanctioned local, regional, national and international sports competitions.

According to him, the counterpart of the public works department will be downloaded to the city government through a memorandum of agreement (MOA) and it will be the city that will bid out the aforesaid project.

Dela Pen֮a stipulated that the contractor to be tapped to implement the project should have the required experience in the construction of sports facilities as the materials to be used in the indoor sports arena, bowling lanes, basketball court, and others, should be in conformity with the prescribed standards of the PSC.

Part of the funds for this center had been incorporated in the recently approved supplemental budget of the city government to complete the required funding for the project in time for the required bidding process probably in the coming months.

The construction of the youth convergence center had been included as one of the city’s priority projects under the annual investment plan to ensure its implementation and realization.

He claimed that the put up of the youth convergence center and sports complex will definitely boost the chances of the city in hosting numerous indoor sports competitions that can contribute to the discovery of local athletes who can excel in the different sports disciplines of their choice.

Dela Pen֮a presented to the members of the city council the plans and design of the city youth convergence center for perusal and information prior to its upcoming implementation after the project shall have been bid out to the deserving contractor. – Dexter A. See