Workshop on flood early warning system, conducted

19 August 2021 – The ASEAN Australia Smart Cities Trust Fund conducted an online workshop, August 17, as part of existing work to design and implement the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) project of the Asian Development Bank in the Summer Capital to make it gender-focused.

Spearheaded by the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) headed by Antonette Anaban, the workshop was participated by concerned city officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong and representatives from several civil society organizations.

The workshop aims to introduce the gender transformative approach to the FEWS project, present findings from an earlier conducted “Mixed Methods Gender and Inclusion Study” in the city, discuss initial recommendations and guidance for FEWS design and dissemination, and highlight the project’s next steps.

It also seeks validation, feedback and identifies how to collaborate with participants on upcoming tasks and outputs.

The project will assist the city government with both the planning for flood mitigation and delivery of services of flood early warning and responses, using smart technologies with outcomes as improved FEWS, responses and mitigation measures of the city.

Its outputs include a smart flood early warning information system established and operational; real-time data capture system established in four river basins in the city; flood mitigation action plan prepared; and city twinning program for smart flood warning and mitigation implemented.

The FEWS project is part of Baguio’s march towards Smart City status where technology is used to solve city problems and improve the delivery of service to the public, among others.-Gaby B. Keith