Visit the North and fall in love again with Tangadan Falls!

By Caren Grace R. Cabanayan

It has been a year since the very first day we’ve heard about the so-called “lockdown” or commonly referred to as “Enhanced Community Quarantine”.

Almost a year of being confined at the four corners of your homes… seeing nothing but walls and ceilings.

But as vaccines are at the tip of our fingers… as the country tries to bounce back the economy… as the Filipinos try to revert back to normal… we are now a bit loosening our tight grip and slowly opening up our barriers without totally putting our guards down.

The tourism industry is one of the most affected sectors amid pandemic. It was totally shut off during the nationwide quarantine.

And surely, everybody now misses the beautiful beaches, mountain ranges and other breath-taking sceneries around. Everybody  misses the adventure.

Good thing the Department of Tourism, as it  works closely with both the national and local government along with other concerned agencies, had made a way for us to see the beauty we all missed to see for the past months.

As the Ridge to Reef: Travel Corridor was launched on the latter months of 2020, various provinces from across the Ilocos Region and  Baguio City had opened its gate to tourists.

In La Union, tourists from Region 1 and the City of Pines may now visit the famous Tangadan Falls of the Municipality of San Gabriel.

It is just that only a 100 visitors will be accommodated in a day to ensure that the minimum health standards will be properly observed and be monitored. And so if you plan to visit, you will have to secure a slot.

You may book from Monday to Friday, every 9:00am to 3:00pm through number 0917-794-3484.

If you are a tourist from La Union, get a health certificate from your local health office in your municipality then send it to two to three days prior to your actual travel.

You have to wait for the text confirmation.

But for other tourists, they must use the R1 VISITA Travel Request System via for the booking.

Easy as that and you will be once again mesmerized by the beauty of what is known as the “most visited falls in the North of Manila”.

Imagine the sight of a 40-feet  falling water and imagine taking a dip in its basin of spring-cold water.

Hear the birds chirping. Feel the adrenaline rush as you trek your way to the main spot. Forget about the virus temporarily when you are deep inside the water. Get lost in paradise.

As the local government of San Gabriel aims to be the Adventure Paradise of La Union, there is surely a lot more that awaits you.

What are you waiting for?

Come and visit the North!  Fall in love again with Tangadan Falls! (JCR/VHS/CGC, PIA La Union)