Vaccination updates

BAGUIO CITY – Data on vaccines being administered change drastically as priority groups; health workers and vulnerables are inoculated simultaneously in vaccination centers in the city.

On April 21, priority group (A1) health care workers not vaccinated from the first tranche got their first dose, while some health care workers got their second dose; at the University of Baguio gym.

On the same date, Priority group (A2) Senior Citizens of Quirino Hill were scheduled for their first dose at the Saint Louis University (SLU) gym. 

Priority group (A2) Senior Citizens of Campo Filipino were vaccinated at SLI, near St. Vincent Church on April 21 and 22, while on April 22 and 23, Senior Citizens of Aurora Hill had their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine at the Saint Louis University (SLU) gym, 

 During the management committee meeting Tuesday, April 20, Dr. Rowena Galpo reported that the ongoing vaccination is being done with acceptance and eagerness from the concerned groups, as to priority. Inquiries for online and onsite registration in district health centers are going on almost non-stop, she said. In an earlier media forum, risk communication management officer Cecile Agpawa explained that this may be attributed to behavioral change due to reliable and evidence-based instructions.           

In a report from the Department of Health Regional Office (DOH-RO), as of April 22, there are 53,753 allocated vaccines regionwide, with a utilization rate of 79.81%.

There were 32,676 Health workers (A1 priority group), 1,004 senior citizens (A2), and 1,659 Adults with co-morbidities (A3) vaccinated for a total of 35,339 vaccines used for the first dose.

Of the total vaccines, 25,026 were Sinovac, while 10,313 are of the AstraZeneca brand.

During actual vaccination, vaccinees go through counselling or information sharing to ease discomfort and anxiety which may manifest through increased blood pressure. Vaccinees also stay for an hour at the vicinity for observation of side or after effects of the vaccines.

Individuals with co-morbidities are requested to bring legitimate medical certificates from physicians or authorized health personnel, to be registered and vaccinated.

Registered vaccinees are given instructions to wait for messages from the health center in order to proceed to vaccination sites. This is to avoid jostling and crowding at the site, and they should wear face masks, face shield and practice social distancing. 

Available vaccines shall be administered as they arrive, Agpawa said.

Priority for vaccination are the following: frontline health workers, sr. citizens 60 years old and above, those with comorbidities, frontliners and the working sector as deemed proper by the Inter-Agency Task Force and the indigent population.

The rest follows: teachers and social workers, other government and essential workers, those at high risk other than senior citizens, overseas foreign workers, and the rest of the population. –juliegfianza