Vaccination status, preparations and projections

Vaccination status, preparations and projections

From the 262,185 target population, Baguio tops the regional vaccine tally with 107.15% fully vaccinated, and 120.10% first dosed adults. The figures cover 70 % of the regional population; 1,275,904; with at least 73.60% fully vaccinated and 83.63% who had their first dose.

The data is as of Dec. 28 and reported by Health Services Office (HSO) head Dr. Rowena Galpo during the management committee meeting last week.

The city’s data however reports a target population of 281,000 where 284,245 or 101.15% first dosed and 260,190 or 92.59% are fully vaccinated, as of Jan. 6. There are 37,170 who had their booster shot; some after five months or two months after their second or one-dose vaccine. 

As to schedule, there are 10,056 individuals from all the priority groups who should have their second dose up to Jan. 31; and 162,722 for their booster shots from April up to the end of January 2022. There were also 18,692 unvaccinated individuals counted in the city’s 16 health districts, as of December 31, 2021.

In the report, Covid medicines as of Jan. 3 are available: 2,610 vials of Remdesivir 100g; 4,500 tablets of Bariticinib; 83 vials of Tocilizumab 80mg; 700 tablets of Dexamethasone 4mg; 790 ampules of Dexamethasone; and 2,100 tablets of Methylprednisolone 16mg.

As of variants of concern, from the counted 384 tested individuals, 115 (30%) are infected of Alpha; 54 (14%) of the Beta; and 215 (56%) of the Delta variant. 

Of the Omicron variant, preparations are done in the city, as countries around the world report cases. In the Philippines, there were detected cases which are either asymptomatic or mild. Nobody, however, was reported to be a severe case or died of the variant.

All Omicron cases were reported to have completed the minimum 10-day isolation and have recovered. It is said to be transmitted quickly, and can cause breakthrough infection, but tends to be mild if the person is vaccinated or boosted.

The city has prepared for the Omicron variant as it has done for Delta last year. – Julie G. Fianza