Vaccination/booster shots still needed

Vaccination/booster shots still needed

City and health authorities are still appealing to Baguio residents for compliance to the minimum public health standards (MPHS) including the use of facemask, social distancing and handwashing; and vaccination or booster shots.

This after the rise in Covid-19 cases; following the rise in mobility, local travels and gatherings during the holidays, head of the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit Dr. Donabel Tubera-Panes. Though the Covid-19 Omicron variant cases may not be reported, belated Genome sequencing laboratory reports may prove otherwise.

Studies as to the Omicron variant presents it to be transmissible though less severe with mild symptoms, specially for fully vaccinated and boosted individuals, Mayor Benjamin Magalong mentioned during the regular Ugnayan media forum.

An infected person may have cough, colds and other symptoms which may disperse with prompt and proper medical interventions, the mayor also said.

A fully vaccinated individual would be less unlikely to get the virus, with a level of confidence not to suffer from a severe condition, not hospitalized and not to expire.

According to Dr. Panes, a World Health Organization (WHO) report states that not one vaccine is considered 100% protective. Vaccines give a high degree of protection against getting seriously ill and dying, Dr. Panes said.

Health expert and US Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious, Physician Anthony Fauci mentioned that well-vaccinated but exposed persons may get infected, with less symptoms and less chances of hospitalization and expiring. Recovery is also eminent for those vaccinated, but those not vaccinated may get the brunt of severe symptoms.

This dispels an argument presented that unvaccinated persons have built-in untampered immune system that could fight any Covid-19 variant. With the city’s vaccinated population up to more than 90 percent with 85% having the Covid virus, the unvaccinated are not immune, the argument presents.

Health authorities still advocate being vaccinated with booster shots, it was known. – Julie G. Fianza