Update on Baguio’s drainage

Update on Baguio’s drainage

Mayor Benjamin Magalong and City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña vouched that the city’s drainage system is in good condition and working properly.

He said the drainage infrastructure at Session Road which is a tributary system that drains to the main drainage catchment pipes at the Lake Drive in Burnham Park remain sufficient.

The water accumulated along roadsides is usually caused by the heavy inflow during downpour.  There is nothing abnormal as the water pools do not linger long enough to be considered a problem.

The inflow capacity of the drainage inlets is also sufficient but becomes problematic when clogged with debris and litter.

Dela Peña said the city continues to work for the upgrading of the drainage system to solve the flooding problem at the central business district.

The third of the three-phase rehabilitation project started in 2020 with the help of Rep. Marquez Go and the Dept. of Public Works and Highways is almost complete.

The first two phases that cut across Burnham Park were completed in July last year and were tested and found to be working properly when the city experienced days of continuous strong monsoon rains then.

The third phase covering Kisad Road is about to be wrapped up.

For the project, the new technology structured pipe system with Teflon inside walling and electro fusion technology were used for the main drainages instead of the ordinary RC pipes ensuring longer functionality.

As this developed, the city officials reiterated their appeal for residents and tourists to religiously observe proper waste disposal rules to prevent the clogging of canals and drainage inlets.

They also urged contractors undertaking projects especially along the roads to observe proper housekeeping of their aggregates to prevent choking the city’s waterway inlets.

They said efforts to improve the drainage are put to naught if people will not cooperate and irresponsible and indiscriminate throwing of refuse remains unchecked. – Aileen P. Refuerzo