BAGUIO CITY – Prizes of P20,000; P15,000 and P10,000 await winners of the tree cart parade on June 24, for the first tree festival celebration and environment month.

The tree cart parade is part of the activities released by the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) headed by Atty. Rhenan Diwas. The availability of funds was earlier confirmed by City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente during a coordination meeting.

The tree festival shall be launched on May 24 during the city hall flag raising ceremonies, with the presentation of the calendar of activities including a schedule of tree planting activities as to the Urban Forest Management.

On June 20, mounted live potted tree saplings shall be strolled from upper Session road, Casa Vallejo area, to Malcolm square for an exhibit. After the tree parade, the tree cart entries may either be displayed in their Session road frontage; or at the park.

Measurement of the carts should be of standard size, of 1.1 square meter of wood or lightweight material, .3m in height, with front wheels, and retractable handles for pushing. A tree mount measuring .5 sq. meter in the middle contains any tree specie which may be potted, at least 5 feet in height and preferably has a thick crown.

The carts when together in an area represent an oasis of coolness and shade for park promenaders, under which they may be seated.

According to CEPMO Floro Bastian, the tree cart shall be judged with 25 points as to appearance, construction and utilization as cart and park bench; 25 points as to originality including design, details, decoration (if any), and extraordinary craft applied to the structure. Twenty-five points shall be given as to the tree sapling’s health and general appearance.

Tree cart entries may be submitted by corporations, schools, non-government organizations, private companies, government offices and other advocacy groups through cellphone numbers: 0917-415-8224 or 0910-532-8139.

Other contests such as techno solutions, poster/slogan making, song-writing may also be conducted.

CEPMO head Diwas asked for support for all the tree festival and environmental month activities. –  juliegfianza