July 7, 2021 – Three puroks in Irisan barangay were placed on lockdown status last week for failing to comply with the minimum public health standards against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said that wide-scale lockdowns will continue to be implemented over areas that will exhibit recalcitrant behavior as the city tightens measures in anticipation of new surges due to increased people mobility and the presence of new and more dangerous variants.

Of recent, lockdown orders had been limited to the household or workplace of the positive cases but special cases such as overt and repeated violations of health protocols warrant wider scope lockdowns based on recommendations of the medical officers in charge of the area.

The mayor said the lockdown order implemented over the three puroks  is not the same as the hard lockdown imposed in the past.

“This order will be for one week and will not include the APORs (Authorized Persons Outside of Residences).  One member of each affected family will also be allowed to go out to procure commodities,” the mayor said.

“Essentially, this will prohibit purok residents from loitering or going out with no important purpose.  We also hope that they will learn to respect our rules which we have been implementing for a long time now for their own protection,” he added.

Lockdown impositions had been included in the city’s COVID-19 control strategies and the mechanism was based on the Application of the Zoning Containment Strategy of the National Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases.” – Aileen P. Refuerzo