Team Lakay holds 40th grappling tilt, inks YMCA partnership

Team Lakay holds 40th grappling tilt, inks YMCA partnership

Team Lakay marks another milestone with the staging of its 40th Grappling Cup on March 3 at the YMCA gym in Baguio City.

Expected to draw hundreds of participants, the event will also mark the first collaboration of Team Lakay and YMCA Baguio.

“It is actually the first project of the new set of officers of YMCA this year,

spearheaded by President Dennis Basal, Secretary-General Rev. Robert Baris Sison, and BODs,” said coach Mark Sangiao.

A MOA signing between YMCA and Team Lakay after the event will also be held as both parties are set to stage two more grappling tournaments later this year.

The grappling cup has long been a fixture of Team Lakay’s grassroots event, serving as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best grapplers in the region.

With its rich history and tradition, the tournament has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of grappling in the local MMA scene.

For years, Team Lakay has been at the forefront of promoting martial arts and nurturing young athletes in the Cordillera region.

Known for its world-class training and roster of elite fighters, Team Lakay has produced numerous champions in various disciplines, including grappling.

Partnering with YMCA for this landmark edition of the grappling cup exemplifies Team Lakay’s commitment to reaching out to the grassroots level and providing opportunities for aspiring grapplers to hone their skills and compete on a larger stage.

By hosting the tournament at YMCA, Team Lakay aims to expand the reach of the sport and inspire more individuals to pursue their passion for grappling.

The 40th Grappling Cup promises to be an electrifying showcase of talent, featuring competitors from across the region vying for supremacy in various weight divisions.

With athletes showcasing their technical prowess, strength, and agility, spectators can expect high-octane action and thrilling matches throughout the tournament.

Moreover, the partnership between Team Lakay and YMCA signifies a broader commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and community engagement through sports.

By providing a platform for young athletes to channel their energy into productive pursuits, both organizations aim to instill values of discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship among the youth.

Interested participants may contact Sangiao at 0966-174-0017.

Aside from YMCA, Team Lakay has also inked several partnerships in its bid to strengthen its presence in the grassroots level. ### (PR)