Tagum court trumped-up murder case against CPA Chairperson Windel B. Bolinget

Tagum Court issued the dismissal of the trumped-up murder case against Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) Chairperson Windel Bolinget and other progressives namely Albert Mandin, Lutgardo Jurcales, Jr., Agnes Mesina, Jackie Valencia, and Reynaldo Garneng. The dismissal came almost 2 months after the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Tagum City, Davao del Norte submitted its recommendation to the court to drop Bolinget’s name from among the accused on May 24, 2021.

“While our cases were dismissed, we have already been unjustly incarcerated and our families and organizations have been viciously attacked as a result of the trumped-up cases. Sadly, there is no let-up in these attacks and threats to our lives just as many innocent Filipinos especially indigenous peoples continue to be extrajudicially killed and imprisoned.” Bolinget said in a statement. Bolinget also extended his gratitude to the individuals, institutions, and organizations that helped him in facing the trumped-up case.

CPA recognizes this dismissal as a significant victory in our campaign to stop the attacks against indigenous peoples who remain vocal against the atrocities committed by the Duterte regime. However, the state-initiated campaign to red tag, delegitimize, and malign CPA and other progressive organizations and individuals continue. Recently, a tarpaulin red-tagging and falsely declaring CPA as Persona-Non-Grata was found posted near CPA’s satellite office in Baguio City.

“We continue the call #DuterteWakasanNa and hope the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation of the Duterte regime will push through. Let us contribute in the collective effort for the opposition to win against Duterte for regime change.” Bolinget ended. ###