Successful vaccine roll-out, key to economic recovery – GMA

Successful vaccine roll-out, key to economic recovery – GMA

By Jag Lyra D. Costamero

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. (Jag Lyra D. Costamero/PIA 3)

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga, March 9 (PIA) — Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said the successful roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines is key to economic recovery.
“Experts say that for this year, the Philippines will be among the countries which will recover fast from recession. The vaccines are important so that people will not be afraid to go out or spend their money. If we want to achieve what the experts say, we need the vaccine roll-out,” she said during Monday’s Symbolic Vaccination at Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital.
Arroyo said the pandemic has imposed fear to the people to go out which affected various industries in the country.
She likened the pandemic to the Second World War.
“This health crisis is the Second World War of our generation, but all of us are on the same side. We are fighting against a common enemy and that is COVID-19. The unity of the whole world will be the key to our recovery,” she stated.

Her attendance in the event, she said, displays how the country’s leaders play a role in significant events such as the vaccination.
In addition, the former President lauded the pandemic response of local and national officials in curbing the COVID-19 cases in the country.
“The Philippines is number 13 when it comes to population, but it is only 30th in terms of COVID-19 cases. This only means that our pandemic response is good, and it will get better with the vaccine roll-out. The reason for low cases is because we are disciplined when it comes to adhering to minimum health protocols. All of us are wearing face masks and face shields, we regularly wash our hands and observe physical distancing,” she stated.
Arroyo sent her gratitude to Department of Health for aiding the healthcare workers, and congratulated the healthcare workers for having the first vaccines. (CLJD/JLDC-PIA 3)