Stop the manhunt and drop the PNP bounty for falsely accused CPA Chairperson Windel Bolinget

In their official Facebook page, the Kalinga PNP (Philippine National Police) posted a wanted poster of Windel Bolinget and endorsing a reward of Php 100,000 for any information that could lead to his arrest. The same poster is being circulated by PNP trolls.

Bolinget is not a criminal and is yet to undergo trial on the trumped-up case against him. He has already mentioned in his statement that he will face the trumped-up case against him. Thus, he is not running away from this trumped-up case but is instead preparing for it.

Even as we demand for justice and fairness for Windel Bolinget who is falsely charged for a murder he didn’t commit, the PNP is foaming at the mouth like mad dogs to have him arrested at all cost despite the glaring fact that this is a fabricated case.

This bounty system only encourages vigilantes and more violence. It denies due process to the falsely accused Bolinget. This makes it clear that their goal is to kill or cause harm to Windel Bolinget and silence him instead of uncovering the truth about the case through due process.

The PNP and their trolls’ irresponsible acts on social media only put Bolinget, unjustly, in more danger.

It is apparent that the PNP is not a champion of truth and justice. Rather, they have become henchmen of this terrorist regime.

We call on all kakailyan not to play into these despicable schemes of the PNP, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and their minions.

We must condemn this wanton waste of intelligence funds and peoples’ money — much needed funds that should have been channeled to COVID response and economic aid.

Together let us call for the dropping of the trumped-up case against Windel Bolinget and for the PNP, AFP and their minions to stop the manhunt in order to avoid physical harm against Bolinget.