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  1. Miniso X Coca-Cola Collection gives a double the happiness for a fashionable lifestyle.
  2. Share the gift of happiness with this Coca-Cola shopping bag. Available in three designs.
  3. Have a cool cola with this Coca-Cola Insulated Tumbler with Stainless Steel Straw.
  4. Take your refreshment on the go with this Coca-Cola Water Bottle.
  5. Coca-Cola Keychain Pendant with Bottle Opener.
  6. Coca-Cola Square Bento bag
  7. Stay Classy and vintage with this Coca-Cola’s iconic red tote bag and cosmetic pouch.
  8. Shop at the nearest Miniso stores and get this Coca-Cola tote bag.

The collaboration between Japanese fashion brand Miniso with Coca-Cola brings a double dose of happiness, giving a new vitality to shopping with the fusion of young and classic brands.

Miniso is positioned as a lifestyle product retailer that young people want to visit, and the brand tone of Coca-Cola is happy and simple. Significantly, both have red and white logos:

Coca-Cola with its “Spencerian” script that has captured the heart of generations of consumers; while Miniso’s red and graphic logo that advocates “Life is for fun” and aims to deliver well-made and highly-designed goods at a reasonable price for shoppers to better enjoy a quality of life on a budget.

With this, the Miniso X Coca Cola Collection comes in classic red and white, with designs that are vintage, fashionable, and creative yet functional items. These include mugs and tumblers, tote bags, keychain with bottle opener, cosmetic pouch, lunch bags and other novelty pieces.

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