(May 18, 2021) – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 06 May 2021 issued an Advisory to warn the public regarding the unauthorized investment solicitation activities by Mer’s Business Center. The said entity, through its heads Reynaldo Abing Camingawan and

Roger Abing Camingawan, is offering an investment scheme called “Contractual Joint Venture Agreement.” Members and business partners are promised 30% monthly interest for one year or 360% in 12 months renewable for another 12 months after its expiration.

These Investment Plans have been advertised through Facebook Live and videos posted in Facebook Pages “Roger Camingawan” and “Isumbong mo kay Kapartner Roger Camingawan,” as well as in the YouTube channel “Kapartner Mo Channel.” Mer’s Business Center is not registered as a corporation or partnership with the SEC nor is it licensed and authorized to solicit investments from the public. The Securities Regulations Code (SRC) requires that securities are duly registered with the SEC and that the corporation and its agents have appropriate registration and license to sell such securities to the public.

Owner Roger Camingawan was also identified as one of the persons propagating fake news about Kapa Community Ministry International, Inc. Camingawan was proven to spread false information that the cases filed by the SEC for violation of the SRC were already dismissed rendering the Cease and Desist Order void. He was also mentioned as untruthfully claiming that Kapa has been registered as a crowdfunding entity under the Rules Governing Crowdfunding.

The public is hereby warned not to transact and invest in Mer’s Business Center and its representatives. Furthermore, those who invite or recruit other people to venture and invest in illegal investment contracts or securities may be held criminally liable or accordingly penalized.

The SEC also encourages anyone who has knowledge or information about any illegal business transactions and investment scams to report such through email at and  (Written by Helen Veryan C. Valdez, SEC-BEO Information Officer)

Thank you very much. Stay safe.




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