Rules on the issuance of special permits proposed

3 August 2021 – The City Council, during last Monday’s regular session, approved on first reading a proposed ordinance prescribing the rules and regulations governing the issuance of special permits in the city.

Local legislators stated that the special permit shall be needed when an individual, an organization, a cooperative, or a corporate entity sells goods, or offers service on a temporary basis and conducts business in temporary business locations such as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) showcases, market encounters, temporary activities and the likely barangay market day activities if the barangay does not have a market ordinance; night markets on a temporary basis; barangay satellite market selling on a temporary location like basketball courts, barangay hall vicinity and other facilities that can be used for a temporary basis and any other type of vending that is conducted during a special event.

The ordinance stipulated that no one will be given a special permit to render service or sell and vend on any day in any designated places as prohibited by the Tax Code of 2000.

Under the proposed ordinance, the prescribed rates for the issuance of special permits include one-day activity P250 per day per person or entity; night market and similar activities on a weekly basis – P350 per week; a continuing activity in the barangay in a temporary location –P240 per day or P2,000 per quarter and buskers, creative artisans, artists and the like – P140 or a fraction thereof where they must be part of a temporary event or activity.

The ordinance disclosed that failure to secure a special permit will mean the non-operation of an event or activity, however, if the activity was conducted without a special permit, a 50 percent penalty shall be levied on top of the special permit fee.

The ordinance explained that the payment of the fine does not prejudice the filing of the administrative case to the erring individuals involved in the conduct of the event or activity.

The ordinance tasked the City Treasury Office and the Permits and Licensing Division under the City Mayor’s Office to implement the pertinent provisions of the proposed legislative measure.

On the other hand, the monitoring and compliance on various laws, rules and regulations shall include representatives of the Market Monitoring Team, the Local Price Control Council, the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office (CVAO), other government agencies and divisions on items under their respective supervision, jurisdiction and coverage.

Further, the conduct of special events necessitates that special permits be issued for vendors or sellers, performers or entertainers, artisans and organized activities that aim to promote their products.

Traditionally, there were vendors who were allowed to sell around the parks without being regular business permits but with special permits which were paid on a quarterly basis.

Similarly, roving vendors were allowed to get a special permit to sell in the various barangays.

The night market vendors were also covered with a special permit which was paid on a weekly basis that had been paid by the concerned parties on a weekly basis which had been the actual practice to date. – Dexter A. See