Residents more vigilant vs. defective projects

Residents more vigilant vs. defective projects

Mayor Benjamin Magalong is pleased that residents are now becoming vigilant over the quality of the projects being undertaken in their communities.

Recently, officials of barangay Lourdes Proper asked the mayor to inspect an ongoing multi-purpose building project that appears to be of inferior quality despite having a huge budget.  The mayor went to inspect and tasked the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) to assess and document.

Since institutionalizing the conduct of ocular inspections of projects, the mayor had been appealing to residents to report substandard and defective ones in their communities as his way of driving a message that as end-users of these infrastructures, people have stakes on them and that they should be concerned if the desired output is not met.

“It appears that people have started to develop a mindset that they have an important role to play in safeguarding  their stakes on these public infrastructures.  The previous indifference is slowly being replaced by watchfulness and vigilance and it is a good sign,” the mayor said.

“From our end, we promise to achieve results out of the concerns raised to us so that your efforts will not be wasted,” he added.

Issues and concerns in communities may be put forward to punong barangays with whom the mayor has a direct line or to the Special Services Division of the City Mayor’s Office tel no. 4427295. – Aileen P. Refuerzo