Rehabilitation of Kayang Market District pushed

BAGUIO CITY –  The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) is eyeing the revamp of the Kayang Market District.

CPDO Chief Donna Tabangin presented to the city council a development plan that aims to address structural issues as well as safety and sanitation problems in market shops located at the Kayang Market District.

Tabangin pointed out that the city government, being the landlord of the 2.4-hectare real property estate consisting of seven multi-building structures located at Kayang Street, may impose parameters to ensure maintenance, cleanliness, and safety in the area.

“Any area in the Central Business District should be safe and clean. There should be no feeling of uneasiness due to safety and sanitation issues when one is visiting a place,” Tabangin stressed.

The planning coordinator revealed there are interior spaces in those seven buildings that are not maximized due to poor or lack of structure planning. She also proposed that there should be proper zoning within these structures in order to rearrange the variety of goods sold at the Kayang Market District.

The said development would also see the transformation of the market district into a tenant mix market consisting of fresh produce shops, fruits and vegetables shops, dry goods shops, and service shops. To achieve a desirable tenant mix market, the tenants would need to stick to the trade and products indicated in their business permit, Tabangin said.

The development plan would also require shop owners to comply with minimum standards such as having a chest freezer and a customers’ circulation area for meat and fish shops and allotting a 0.6 meter setback from the sidewalk where customers in fruits and vegetable shops will stand while buying so as not to impede pedestrian traffic in the sidewalk. Imposing these standards will ensure order, sanitation, safety, and cleanliness as the city moves towards the new normal, Tabangin explained.

Other requirements for shops at the market district in compliance with national standards are the following: good lighting and ventilation, organized product display, sanitary system, signage, and solid waste collection system.

Tabangin likewise suggested that the city government should support these businesses to be affected by the said development through financial assistance and technical support for the improvement/design of their shops.

Moreover, it should be the policy of the city government to educate the public about urban design and the intentions of good design, Tabangin said.

Tabangin expressed hope that the development plan would also be implemented in other district markets in the future.

The city council referred the matter to the Sanggunian’s Committee on Market, Trade and Commerce, and Agriculture for possible legislation in support of the development plan of the CPDO. – Jordan G. Habbiling