Some officers and members of the Rehabilitation Action for Baguio – Volunteer (RAB-V) headed by Doc Digna Acosta and Pastor / RABV Chairman Voltaire Acosta participated in a Tree planting activity as part of Arbor Day.  “As RAB-V, we choose for the environment as the 14 point agenda of Mayor Benjamin Magalong, RAB-V, support for the fulfillment of its a commitment or Regreening and regaining the environment. Also, RABV cares about Arboretum at the Botanical Garden next in line. In partnership with the CMO and CEPMO. This will be our third tree planting activity and we are going to forward another two for the next 3 months until September to join another tree planting activity,”

“RABV donates 200 Jacaranda saplings but we’ve just only planted 150 saplings in Bayan Park on Tuesday (June 29, 2021), the remaining 50 saplings are placed in the Arboretum nursery to grow,” Acosta said.  Contributed photos by Zeny Carino Boadilla