Protecting the Wonders of Nature

Protecting the Wonders of Nature

TREE PLANTING: Mountain views of Sitios Balococ Jaime and Goldstream, Barangay Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet, sites of the separate tree planting activity to be conducted by Sugalan Clan Small-Scale Mining, headed by Angie Sugalan and Goldstream SSM, led by David Tomilas. The reforestation activity will also be supported by the Harmonious Christian Women’s Association headed by Fe Milo and Tuba Grassroots Store Farmers and Livelihood Association with its president  Gloria Gawiden. Photos courtesy of Angie Sugalan

Sugalan Clan, Goldstream Small-Scale Miners to conduct tree planting

Pocket miners belonging to Sugalan Clan and Goldstream small-scale mining groups will be conducting separate tree planting activities today (Saturday)  in various mountain sections in   Sitios Balococ Jaime and Goldstream, respectively,  Barangay Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet.

Several fruit-bearing trees like  –mango, avocado, bugnay and guyabano will be planted in an estimated two-hectare mountainous area in Sitio Balococ (Camp 4), at a distance views  Mount Ulap in Itogon—an epic hike for nature lovers, offering scenic views of the Cordillera mountain range.

The mountain was called  Mt. Ulap , at the summit, the clouds literally kiss and touch the mountains. Mountaineers-hikers can feel and touch the “sea of clouds” at the top of the mountain.

“Tree planting is one way of demonstrating in preserving and protecting our environment, “  Angie Sugalan said in vernacular, who is an active president of Sugalan Clan ssm.

 “It also to maintain the freshness of the mountain, our main source of drinking water for decades,” added Angie (Sugalan), who is also the treasurer of the  Benguet Federation of Small-Scale Miners, Inc. (BFSSM).

Angie stressed that their environmental efforts -tree planting – are also to protect mountain slopes for possible landslides, thus, safeguarding residents of our communities, especially school children, who hike for almost an hour -passing the rugged mountainous and crossing two-foot bridges to reach their school in Camp 4.

 Planting trees along the mountainsides will also assure the safe passage of villagers who trekked for daily food sustenance and other economic activities.

The one-day tree planting activity b  Sugalan Clan and Goldstream pocket miners group is also in line with the Municipality of  Tuba, the Province of Benguet, and national government environmental protection efforts as well as BFSSM.

The  Harmonious Christian Women’s Association headed by Fe Milo and Tuba Grassroots Store Farmers and Livelihood Association headed by Gloria Gawiden will be supporting said activity.

Alfred Bugnosen, executive vice-president of BFSSM is expected to participate, representing the federation.

Pocket miners from Goldstream ssm, headed by David Tomilas will also be conducting tree planting in their respective areas (Sitio Goldstream).

Years, countless trees of different species – mahogany, melina, ipil-ipil and native bamboo were planted in various sections in Sitios Balococ and Goldstream by local pocket miners, members of their families including the youth and children.

 It covered an estimated area of more than five hectares inside the Minahang Bayan (MB) applications of Sugalan Clan (15 hectares) and Goldstream SSM, respectively.  Primo Agatep/ABN