27 April 2021 – The city is currently studying the possibility of privatizing the proposed modern abattoir or subject the same through a public-private partnership arrangement through an unsolicited proposal from interested investors.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong tasked City Veterinarian Dr. Brigit Piok, in coordination with the city’s local finance committee, to present a comparative study of a privately operated abattoir and a government-run facility.

The local government is planning to develop a modern abattoir in a portion of the 10-hectare Dairy farm property ceded by the agriculture department to the city through a deed of usufruct to help in decongesting the existing slaughterhouse located right at the heart of the city.

The local chief executive reminded concerned department heads to consider the most feasible way by which the proposed modern abattoir will be prosecuted for the city to realize the project the soonest.

He added there is a group of businessmen that is interested to help the city pursue the project, thus, the local government must present its position on the matter for the investors to be guided accordingly.

Initially, the city is expected to provide some P70 million for the establishment of the proposed modern abattoir, aside from the state-of-the-art equipment that will be used in the facility to update the present mode of butchering animals.

Based on the city’s master plan of the Dairy Farm, the proposed modern abattoir will be part of the facilities that will be established in the area aside from the existing waste transfer station and the proposed inter-modal terminal.

The city’s finance experts will also consider in deciding the other benefits to be derived by the local government as the income will still be dependent on the fees that will be fixed in an ordinance prescribing the guidelines governing the operation of the modern abattoir and the fees that will be charged from its services.

From the previous manual of operations, activities inside the proposed modern abattoir will be mechanized to help in speeding up the operation of the facility to be able to cater to the increasing number of clients.

 Urban planners also proposed the put up of buffer forests between the proposed three major facilities within the ceded property to strike a balance in the current status of the place and the opposing ventures. – Dexter A. See