PBA Motoclub beats Benguet All-Stars in Congressional Cup friendship match

PBA Motoclub beats Benguet All-Stars in Congressional Cup friendship match

AIR LEE. Yap – Benguet All Stars’ Will Keane Lee soars for a lay-up against PBA Motoclub’s Willie Miller during the friendship game embedded in the Cong. Eric Go Yap Congressional Cup 2023 was held at the Benguet Sports Complex in La Trinidad on November 30. (Photo by MSD)

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – In a gripping showdown that marked both camaraderie and competitive spirit, PBA Motoclub secured a remarkable victory against the Yap-Benguet All-Stars during a thrilling friendship match integrated into the esteemed Cong. Eric Go Yap Congressional Cup 2023.

The pulsating encounter unfolded at the Benguet Sports Complex showcasing not only the competitiveness but also the solidarity between the Benguet All-Stars and the seasoned PBA Motoclub.

Amidst the backdrop of the Congressional Cup’s culmination, the game witnessed a back-and-forth battle, initially with Benguet taking a fleeting 15-13 lead, swiftly equalized by Motoclub’s Jerwin Gaco.

The friendship on the court translated into competitive vigor as Sunday Salvacion and Will Kean Lee orchestrated pivotal plays, nudging Motoclub ahead at 18-17.

With the game unfolding as a testament to both sportsmanship and skill, Motoclub’s strategic execution allowed them to secure a 106-95 victory.

This achievement was propelled by the exceptional performance of seasoned player Gary David, who showcased his expertise with a stellar 28-point contribution.

Alongside David, Rey Guevarra added significant firepower with 19 points and 13 rebounds, fortifying Motoclub’s triumphant display.

Despite the competitive intensity, the essence of friendship remained palpable throughout the game, encapsulating the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect between the Benguet All-Stars and the PBA Motoclub.

The friendship match, intricately woven into the fabric of the esteemed Congressional Cup, not only entertained spectators but also underscored the essence of unity and camaraderie amidst the competitive basketball prowess displayed at the Benguet Sports Complex.

Meanwhile, Benguet governor Melchor Diclas extended his gratitude to Congressman Eric Go Yap for the successful completion of the sports project, highlighting in the Filipino language how it brought joy to the people of Benguet.

The event also provided the Benguet All-Stars with a valuable opportunity to engage in a friendship game with the PBA Motoclub, consisting of former PBA players.

“Sana magtuloy-tuloy ito,” Diclas said.

(I hope this continues)

For their part, PBA Motoclub’s Sunday Salvacion and Jayjay Helterbrand expressed their gratitude to the congressman for organizing an event of this nature.

They also conveyed their hope that their participation brought joy to the fans.

Further, Cong. Eric Go Yap Congressional Cup 2023 commissioner Roderick Osis said their vision extends beyond this inaugural season.

They are actively strategizing for a potential second season, aiming for it to be larger in scale, offering an enhanced experience, and improved in every aspect, with the goal of elevating the Congressional Cup to new heights of excellence.

“We are planning to have a second season, hopefully, a bigger, better, much improved congressional cup,” Osis said.(FNS/Merriam del Rosario with reports from MSD)

Merriam del Rosario