23 June 2021 – The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) recently urged parents to enroll their daycare children  in the different child-minding centers in their barangays for them to be able to pursue their modular studies in preparation for their basic education.

City Social Welfare and Development Officer Betty Fangasan stated that classes in the child-minding centers will start on Monday, July 5, 2021, thus, parents must already enroll their day care pupils with the assigned child-minding teachers in their respective barangays to quality them to enrol for the coming schoolyear 2021-2022.

She expressed hope that day care pupils who will be enrolled in the child-minding centers will increase for the upcoming schoolyear to maximize the availability of the assigned teachers who will be teaching the modular sessions that will be conducted with the parents.

Further, Fangasan also reminded parents to visit the assigned child-minding teachers in their barangays and be acquainted with the modular type of learning as parents will be facilitating the learning process of their enrolled children.

During the schoolyear 2019-2020, there were more than 4,000 daycare pupils who enrolled in the various child-minding centers around the city, compared to the drop in enrollees for school year 2020-2021 to more than 50 percent compared to the previous enrollment data or approximately more than 2,000 daycare pupils.

According to her, the initial roll out of the modular classes for daycare pupils last school year was successful among most of the enrolled pupils as the same was done through the guidance of their parents but the city government will again try to assess and evaluate the implementation of the same during the upcoming schoolyear for the CSWDO to formulate suggestions and recommendations on how to enhance the new mode of learning.

Under the modular type of learning being implemented for day care pupils in the city, parents will be oriented by the assigned teachers on the modules to be accomplished and it will be the parents who will facilitate the same to their children with the teachers making frequent visits in the residences of the enrolled pupils to be updated on the accomplishment of the modules and problems encountered.

She urged parents who failed to enroll their children in the nearest child-minding center to already enroll them to prevent their children from being left out in their quest for better education.

The operation of the child-minding centers and the assigned teachers in the different barangays of the city is a program of the city government unit through the CSWDO. – Dexter A. See