Official says City’s economic is “suffering”

“We can never sacrifice our people’s health in favor of the economy but we are trying our very best to achieve a balance if possible.”

This was stressed by city administrator Engr. Bonifacio Dela Pena in a media forum, Sept. 15, at City Hall when asked about the local government’s “balancing act” of protecting the public’s health while shielding the economy against the onslaught of the coronavirus disease 2019 and its variants.

He admitted that the Summer Capital’s economy is  currently “suffering” with its main industry, tourism, down in the doldrums, with no tourists coming up to the city.

While the local economy is a “little bit functioning”, Dela Pena said it is not even 30 percent of what it was before the pandemic struck.

He said that the latest  guidelines on health protocols like limiting the number of customers in restaurants,  total liquor ban, and the like are having a very big impact on the operations of local businesses.

“Baguio’s economy is suffering.  It’s not a balanced situation right now,” Dela Pena said. – Gaby B. Keith, 17.Sept.2021