No need to panic, everybody will be vaccinated in due time – CHSO

21 July 2021 – The City Health Services Office (CHSO) assistant head Dr. Celia Brillantes is pleading with some persons to strictly follow coronavirus 2019 disease (Covid-19) vaccination requirements and schedules and not insist on going to vaccination sites when they are not yet up for inoculation or without the needed documents.

She said this would only be a waste of the person’s effort and time since they would only be sent home.

Their presence would also exacerbate the long lines and crowding experienced at vaccination areas that could turn into possible “spreader” situations of the disease especially if physical distancing is not observed, Brillantes said.

Vaccination sites can only accommodate a certain number of people per scheduled date, she added.

Brillantes assured that there will be enough vaccines for all those eligible to be vaccinated in the city and that there is no need to panic that vaccines will run out.

“People should just stay calm, not worry, and be patient in waiting their turn to be vaccinated.  Rest assured that no eligible vaccinees in the city will be left behind in the vaccination process,” Brillantes said.

She also reminded those eligible to register at and echoed Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s constant appeal for everybody, even those fully vaccinated, to continue adhering to minimum public health standards.

Meanwhile, CHSO risk communications team leader Cecile Agpawa and a city information officer met with local FM radio station managers and representatives, July 21, asking their help in disseminating information and announcements on covid-19 and the ongoing vaccination roll out.

It was suggested that the information be aired in Tagalog and other dialects, other than in English, to better inform their listeners who may not be well versed in English.

Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters ng Pilipinas (KBP)-Baguio president Stephenson  Querubin assured that his association will continuously support the city government’s efforts in fighting covid-19 and will closely coordinate with the city information office in disseminating needed information to the public.

Similar support is also being extended by those in AM radio stations, print media, television, including most in social media platforms in achieving the city’s collective dream of “healing as one” from the pandemic. – Gaby B. Keith