National Breastfeeding Month — is dedicated to advocacy, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding to ensure that all families have the opportunity to breastfeed.

National Breastfeeding Month — is dedicated to advocacy, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding to ensure that all families have the opportunity to breastfeed.

BAGUIO CITY – (August 15, 2022) – In observance of Breastfeeding Awareness Month showcasing the breastfeeding moms’ paintings which are called “Art with a Heart” in this special exhibit from August 15 – 21, 2022, held at Upper Ground Level SM City Baguio

Distinctive partners Dra Rowena Galpo – Head, City Health Office representing from the office of Mayor Benjamin Magalong. Ms. Dianne Mendoza – Breastfeeding Care Center of the North, Ms. Maricar Docyogen – Founder and President, Pasakalye Group of Artists, and Michael Jason N. Peña – Assistant Mall Manager, SM City Baguio untying the ribbon for the formal opening of the exhibit

Mr. Peña delivered his message, “On behalf of the SM Supermalls, we are aware to Baguio with us today in our art with a part exhibit for breastfeeding mothers this exhibit is just one of our many programs under SM Cares to promote the good health and wellbeing of women and also mothers, through the creative expressive of our artist and support of our partners, we aim to raise awareness from the benefit of breastfeeding and the beauty of mothers with her child, we hope that in doing so, we are able to positively influence acceptance of breastfeeding mothers by as a means to nourish their children in support of sustainable development host time to zero hunger, good health, and wellbeing. The establishment of our breastfeeding stations across supermalls nationwide for example welcomes over one million mothers and averaging nearly 170,000 visitors annually. At SM Supermalls, we say that you are always welcome here and we saw that SM Cares supports individual choices, with regard to our health and breastfeeding preferences we hope that we will also welcome the different interpretations of motherhood and the connection built for breastfeeding that is reflected in the art that we have seen today,”

In a message of Dra Galpo – Head, City Health Office, “I am so impress, this is such an innovative endeavor of promoting health, promoting awareness specifically on breastfeeding, alam naman natin that breastfeeding is beneficial from childhood hanggang sa tumanda  tayo, just to mention breastfeeding I would like to emphasize especially during this time of pandemic na ito ay nakakataas ng ating immune system, breastfeed children mula sa pagkapanganak yun exclusive breastfeeding na sinasabi natin na hanggang six month at kung minsan pinagpapatuloy pa rin natin hanggang dalawang taon this will assure us of high immunity level sa ating katawan hanggang sa lumaki tayo, kaya kung minsan ito ay pinagpapatuloy na natin sa mga bakuna na natin so, for the first 5 years ito ay nakapagbibigay ng proteksiyon sa atin mga anak, maraming salamat sa suporta nyo, share your talents in helping us to promote a healthy lifestyle which is breastfeeding , maraming salamat rin sa SM parati sila nagsusuporta sa lahat ng health related activities hindi lang sa pagbabakuna ng COVID at several activities maraming salamat sa inyong suporta sa SM, Pasa kalye Group of Artist to Dianne Mendoza na siya ang advocate of breastfeeding in the city of Baguio,”

A brief statement from Ms. Mendoza, “Every month of August from 1 to 7 we celebrated as World breastfeeding week and here in the Philippines it has been already enacted that August is celebrated as Breastfeeding month, thank you so much SM for giving us this time that we will actually showcasing through “Art with the Heart” did you know that here in the Philippines only 34 percent of mothers actually do exclusively breastfeed their child from zero to six months meaning in 10 months tatlo lang talaga ang nakakapag exclusive breastfeed and this is so important because World Health Organization already stated that for the first 1000 days of life it affects already the general health of an adult, so please do note na kahit ang baba ng numbers na ito its not the mothers call the baby to breastfeed ang nangyayari kasi dito because of lack of information and lack of support kaya yun mga ganitong activities that were doing is actually a static to support them more to encourage them more, these paintings  that we are about to see today are presentation of numbers that moms who breastfeed and unlike ito sa theme ng  breastfeeding week this year it’s a World Breastfeeding week and the theme is “Step up for Breastfeeding –  Educate and Support”  Breastfeeding is known to be an important part of an infant’s overall growth cycle. Besides being an overwhelming experience for a mother, it is crucial for the development of a baby.

 So, SM stepping up with this activity, because of showcase their creativity and talent through breastfeeding paintings, We would like to thank all artists because you have chosen to showcase these to us to the mothers right here,”  This is not just a simple painting, please do note that this is a tribute sa lahat ng breastfeeding moms.

 By showing your paintings in these exhibits by joining our breastfeeding advocacy: to help, promote, protect and support breastfeeding,”

Signing of Backdrop as a show of support for the advocacy of Breastfeeding Awareness Month and lastly walking through the Art exhibit.

Artist Ms. Cherry Lou Villavicencio showed her entry “No Other Love” and the young artist Jay Angelo, 16 showed his entry with the title “Biyaya”  #  Photos by:  Mario Oclaman // FNS

Mario Oclaman