Mayor appeals for the nth time: Follow Health Protocols

20 August 2021 – Masking up using double face masks (one surgical and one cloth).  Physical distancing.  Hand washing and cough etiquette.  Proper ventilation.  Avoid crowd, confined spaces and close contact conversation.  Sanitize. Vaccination.

For the nth time, Mayor Benjamin Magalong appealed to the public to observe the minimum public health standards amid the increase in Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases and the detection of two Delta variant cases in the city.

The mayor on Aug 16 said backtracing being conducted on the first detected Delta variant case points to the probability that the variant may have been in the city since July but further investigation by the lead contact tracing team showed the first infection may have occurred as early as June.

“If we look at the various circumstances, we may have had the Delta infection much earlier than the date of detection and it is a matter of serious concern,” the mayor said.

“So we would like everyone to strictly observe the minimum public health standards at all times. This is serious and we don’t like to you,” he added.

The mayor earlier urged safeguarding specifically of children who are more prone to the more infectious variant as is now being experienced in some parts of the country.

He said households should also implement safety measures like disinfection, physical distancing and quarantine especially those with symptoms.

Adults should avail of vaccination once available because it will not only protect themselves but their children who are not vaccinated as well, the mayor said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo