Mangan Taku: Cordillera Chefs Fair at SM City Baguio

Mangan Taku: Cordillera Chefs Fair at SM City Baguio

(From l-r) Gladys Vergara De Vera, chair of the Baguio Tourism Council, Councilor Elaine Dominguez Sembrano, Tourism-Cordillera OIC-Director Jovi Ganongan, SM Baguio’s Mall Manager Rona Vida Correa, (2nd row from l-r) City Tourism Officer Engineer Aloysius “Alec” Mapalo, Councilor  Lilia Aromin Fariñas and Mayor’s office Executive Assistant II Marlene B. De Castro formally open the Mangan Taku Chefs Fair-Takeout Edition held at Mall Atrium, Lower Ground Level, SM Baguio this morning April 28, until May 2, 2021 only.

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THE CHEFS PRESENTING THEIR DELIGHTED FOOD ITEMS. (From l-r)  1.Catch these wonderful food products: Kiniing Inapoy Binungen / Tamales, Kiniing & Chicken Liver Pate, Pinuneg Sliders, and Highland Choco-Arabica Espresso Cookies from Green Pepper Dos led by Chef Charlynne M. Buangan.

2.Nest Coffee Rosters with Mr. Bilig Sorimachi Banasan will be serving up their delicious choices of drinks and food items such as Benguet Coffee, Steamed pork with Tapuy, Brown Rice, Pinuneg (blood sausage), and Local strawberry/ blueberry bars.

3.The Tam Tam Café with Chef Harry D. Osboken will be preparing their tasty drinks and meals like their Tapey, Diket, Nilapet Patupat, Kiniing Rice Meals/ Baked Rabbit, Pinikpikan Rice Meals, Brewed Coffee, and packed coffee beans.

4.Bag-C Vacation House/ Cocina Den Food Service by Le Cusina Den with Chef Delfin Fernando Abad have prepared their delectable meals and desert such as their Cordilleran Style Chicken Ramen, Focaccia Bread, and Cordilleran themed black forest cake

.5.Find these delicious food products such as Bakareta Cordillera, Kiniing Embotido with Watercress Salad, Chili Paste, and Hot Sauce from Eat’s Johnny with Chef Jose Marie Ocampo.

6.Bistro Lokal with Chef Miko Dy serves their best-sellers: Ube Pandesal, Raisin Bread, Sourdough, Multigrain, Croissant, and Pastillas bread.   Photos by: Mario Oclaman/FNS

Mario Oclaman