Launching of My Manok’s Litson Manok

Launching of My Manok’s Litson Manok

A simple salu-salo invited by Malou Sambrana, the owner of My Manok’s Litson Manok with partner in business of a Farmer’s Basket Resto Arlene Cipriano together with some friends from the media  Freddie Rulloda and Grace Espino of Net 25 / Agila News, Mary Perkins-Dungo ng Bayan of Z-Radio and Mario Oclaman of Filipino News Sentinel also with entertaining acoustic band female singer Selina Joycee of Cowboy Town during the opening of My Manok’s Litson Manok located at Lourdes Grotto, Commercial Building of Farmer’s Basket last March 26, 2021.  FNS/Mario Oclaman


RMS Dressed Chicken & My Manok’s Litson Manok had its beginning in 1996 managing both the litson and livestock businesses. Since 1996, RMS Dressed Chicken & My Manok’s Litson Manok has spearheaded a successful transformation of its dressed chicken operations from traditional naturally ventilated poultry houses to help our local grower. Resulting in more stable chicken supply and superior performance, the new method also delivered higher incomes to growers who are having a hard time due to pandemic and avian viruses that affected a lot and shutdown hundreds of businesses locally. As it travels around the globe the coronavirus and avian viruses is disrupting large parts of society and the economy. Covid-19, Avian Influenza has not left the poultry production chain untouched either, infecting workers, disrupting the supply chain and impacting demand. In line with this situation and collaborating with Farmer’s Basket by the guidance of our beloved Councilor Philian Weygan-Allan and Mayor Benjamin Magalong Baguio Market to Home and Barangay Market was created to cater the needs of our locals to keep them safer and secure at the comfort of their homes, this created the owner Malou Sambrana her philosophy:

The secret to success is always ASKED and pray.

A – Attitude

S – Strategy

K – Knowledge

E – Eagerness

D – Dedication

And  Steady:

S – Sacrifice

T – Teamwork

D – Discipline

Setting trends in the market, For the last 25 years, we successfully introduced new products, and developed new markets for our customers in the meat industry. We collaborate with our customers to satisfy their specific needs. We continually look for opportunities for our customers in the wet market, supermarkets, meat processors, hotels and restaurants locally.

RMS Dressed Chicken & My Manok’s Litson Manok is one of the leading local distributor of temperature controlled quality chicken and meat products, with distribution that are strategically located throughout Baguio City which are situated at No. 35 2nd Kayang Street Angelita Building, NPDC Burnham Park and now newly opened at Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City, aside from dressed chicken we are also offer pork, beef products and rice as well that are guaranteed safe and fresh at a very affordable price. We aim to bring the right product product, at the right price, at the right time.  

Mario Oclaman