Incentives for barangay enforcers of anti-obstruction law, approved

The city council has approved on the third and final reading the ordinance granting cash incentives to barangay enforcers deputized for the implementation of the Anti-Road Obstruction (ARO) operations.

Councilor Michael Lawana, author of the ordinance, said deputized barangay enforcers are exposed to physical risks and health hazards as they perform said duties and responsibilities.

“It is then vital that they be granted the necessary incentives to ensure effective and efficient performance,” Lawana stated.

In 2016, it can be recalled that an Anti-Road Obstructions Task Force was formed pursuant to Administrative Order No. 116 signed by then Mayor Mauricio Domogan. The Order stipulates a 70-30 scheme where the 70% of the collected fines from ARO violations will be remitted to the concerned barangays while 30% will accrue to the local government.

Under the ordinance, 20% of the barangay’s share from every collection of an ARO fine will be given as a cash incentive to the deputized barangay enforcer.

After deducting the amount to be granted to the deputized barangay enforcer, the remainder of the proceeds will be deposited to a trust fund to be used in defraying expenses and in the operations or activities of the Task Force of the barangays.

The covered expenses will include the following: cost of inspection and enforcement by the deputized enforcers including allowances for meals and transportation; cost of regular or periodic meetings of the barangay officials and deputized enforcers; cost of the conduct of seminars and trainings of the deputized enforcers; cost of procurement of necessary equipment; and other expenses.

Under the ordinance, the collection and utilization of the ARO share shall follow the following procedure:

The deputized barangay shall secure from the City Treasurer’s Office the Traffic Citation Ticket (TCT) which they are authorized to issue to the violators;

The Sangguniang Barangay concerned shall determine how the trust fund is to be utilized in furtherance of the Operation of the Anti-Road Obstruction, subject to the usual government accounting and auditing procedures. Provided, however, that the amount of the deposit may be withdrawn after the City Accounting Office certifies the availability of fund; and

The utility and disbursement of the trust fund including the incentive shall be supported by a barangay resolution approved by the concerned Sangguniang Barangay.

The ordinance was forwarded to the office of Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his signature. -Jordan G. Habbiling