Identification set for more loading and unloading areas

Identification set for more loading and unloading areas

Punong barangays are requested by the Traffic and Transport Management Division (TTMD) headed by Engr. Januario Borillo to submit proposed loading and unloading/public transport stops in their respective areas of responsibility (AOR).

This is in addition to the more than two hundred spots around the city which were earlier marked by the TTMD, City Engineers Office (CEO). 

Borillo said that PBs are aware of their constituents’ need, and knowledgeable where the most safe and appropriate location of each public stop/loading and unloading spot should be.

Public transport stops/loading and unloading areas for students in schools both within and outside of the central business district are also being sought, Borillo said, citing public areas being used as parking lots; along General Luna and Navy Base roads.            

The loading and unloading areas should be within the ambit of the local transport road plan with a joint inspection by TTMD and barangay officials, before final approval Borillo added.    

Coordination with a private mall, institutions and other concerned individuals shall also be done for a parking and a limited staging area for public transportation. 

All concerns as to parking, staging areas, loading and unloading areas may be brought to the TTMD, City Engineers Office (CEO) at lower Rock Quarry, Borillo said in an interview last week.

Endeavors related to easing of the city’s traffic woes are welcome; as it is part of Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s 16-point agenda, Borillo further said. – JGF