Homes, workplaces now battlegrounds against Covid-19

The fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), more so with the Delta variant is now within the homes and workplaces. City Epidemiologist Dr. Donnabel Panes said  households and workplaces where the transmissions are now happening now need to step up and take on the virus themselves.

“The battle is now in the homes and workplaces.  Families and offices now have to declare their own wars against the virus.  We can’t let it defeat us,” Panes stressed.

She said the fight against COVID-19, moreso with the Delta variant, would need more than keeping up with the minimum health standards.

Family members need to be empowered through early preparation which includes having an isolation plan with provisions for transport and food for two weeks, Panes added.

In order not to spread the virus among family members, a suspect should be tested and isolated until the swab result is out.

A go-bag should also be packed with personal effects good for two weeks at the isolation facility.

According to Panes, the Delta variant could infect 5 to 8 persons, more than the 3 to 5 infections of the other variants. As such, the proper use of face mask even within private homes is encouraged, especially with children, elderlies and those with comorbidities around. 

He said a “bubble” should be created for the vulnerable persons with only one caregiver and no visitors are allowed, to reduce the risk of transmission.

Family members should be monitored for symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing, raised temperature, fever, sore throat, and even diarrhea and these must be reported to the health centers at once for swab testing.

There may be loss of smell and taste, and body pains and fatigue may be felt, with a need for a medical facility once the symptoms get worse.    

Panes also reminded the separation of health care waste such as PPEs, face mask and shields, for the protection of garbage handlers. 

In the work place, use of face mask and shield, air circulation and enough space for social distancing should continue to be observes.

They should also have isolation plans in case clustering happens.

Vaccination should also be a priority for all, Panes emphasized.  She said majority of those occupying the hospitals at present are unvaccinated patients.

“We are in a war against the virus which more likely could mutate, we need to sacrifice, avoid gatherings and all efforts should be coordinated. We should also take the responsibility for ourselves, not totally relying on the government for protection from the Covid virus and variants,” she said. – Julie G. Fianza, 15.Sept.2021