Fire exit, minor violations noted in inspected boarding houses at Honeymoon-Holyghost

Fire exit, minor violations noted in inspected boarding houses at Honeymoon-Holyghost

Unlike the boarding houses and accommodation establishments (AEs) in three barangays earlier inspected by the city’s composite team, those at Honeymoon-Holyghost barangay only had a few issues, blocked fire exits being the only major one.

The team which inspected six AEs in the area specifically checked for compliance on sanitary, fire safety, structural integrity, security, smoke-free and other local and national health and safety laws.

“The only major violation found by the Team of Bureau of Fire was padlocked fire exits.  Other than that, there were only minor violations which can be fixed or remedied,” the team headed by the Baguio City Health Services Office said.

The owners of the establishments committed to address the findings after two weeks and the concerned offices had been tasked to do follow-up checks.

The issues noted among the AEs were: buildings near creek; no fire alarm, emergency lights, exit and no smoking signages; locked emergency exit; needs regular cleaning and maintenance of premises, proper waste segregation, disposal of unnecessary materials; display the copy of business permit; and one was found to be allowing smoking.

Prior to this, Mayor Benjamin Magalong convened the team directing the intensified monitoring of boarding houses and similar lodging facilities as well as speeding up of action on concerns on unsafe and unsanitary AEs.

He tasked the city’s composite team to make inspections a regular activity and to follow through and secure the commitment of owners of AEs that incurred violations of health and sanitation and building rules to comply with all the requirements and institute the corrective measures.

The city also set up hotlines for students, workers and other boarders to report unsafe and unsanitary AEs to.

Complaints may be lodged at the Baguio in My Pocket (BIMP) app or through our permits and licensing office hotline 619-3984, health hotlines 09184880195, 09278587272, 0744449217, or to Facebook age of the Baguio City Health Services Office or email at [email protected] or [email protected]Aileen P. Refuerzo


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