Today, Baguio City is a vibrant multicultural mountain getaway famous for its cool Spring-like weather most of the year. It is a city of more than 324,000 residents, which could swell to 1.5M during the peak period from December to May. It is host to 13 institutions of higher learning, and attracts students from several regions around the Philippines and from different countries around the world. Amidst all these multicultural representations, the modern day Igorot culture is front and center. No less than UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was enthused, Baguio City has been awarded the esteemed title of Creative City on October 31, 2017.

Culture preservation is an essential part of who we are as Filipinos. The Igorots have inherently persevered in passing on their traditions. But, it is also necessary for the government and its people to support this agenda. Initiatives abound. Here’s a clip on what the Department of Trade and Industry is doing today, challenging the next generation to preserve culture.

Baguio City has escalated its desire to not only preserve its colorful history, but also to show the entire Philippines and the world the importance of β€œcreativity as an essential element for sustainable urban development”. Here’s are some photos. Share the culture for the world to see

Top photo: Pre-hispanic culture adopting to change, like this pandemic creative face mask design

Middle: Igorot Police Woman from PROCOR

below:  Igorot outfit Mr. Gay World, 2016: John Respado by Rob Reyes.  Filipino Ethnicity and People contributed photos