Covid self-test reporting encouraged

Covid self-test reporting encouraged

Mayor Benjamin Magalong urged individuals who self-tested for Covid-19 to report their condition through monitoring forms.

This was taken up during the management committee meeting last week with City Health Services Office (CHSO) head Dr. Rowena Galpo’s report on Covid-19 cases.

Accordingly, there are now low-cost self-test kits from online transactions, used in homes when individuals feel symptoms. Results however, whether positive or negative, should be reported for records and continued monitoring, the mayor said.   

As of now, according to CHSO City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) head Dr. Donna Tubera-Panes, there are 20 who reported self-test results. 

For Aug. 13 and 15, there were 2 each day; Aug. 16 – 3; Aug. 17 – 4; Aug. 18 and 19, one each day; Aug. 20 – 3; Aug. 21 and 22, one each day; and Aug. 23 – two individuals self-reported.

Instructions for procedures during isolation are also given. According to Dr. Panes, minimum public health standards (MPHS) should still be followed; proper wearing of mask/s, physical distancing, keeping hands clean, air circulation, and isolation when symptoms are felt. 

Medical check-ups should be undertaken, it was emphasized.    

Self-reporting is part of enhanced surveillance, Dr. Panes said. She further said that the World Health Organization representative is related with Baguio’s practice of Covid-19 self-reporting.

Mayor Magalong assured Baguioites that the cases are very manageable. Once the cases stabilize, a downtrend is expected, he noted.

Actual daily reports, however, are not an honest basis for conclusion as mobility has increased, the mayor further said. The probability of transmission is high as schools have opened its doors to students, some from adjacent areas; as well as visitors from around the country and the NCR are trooping to Baguio’s tourist spots. –  JGF