Council okay concept plan for Marcos Highway growth corridor

01 September 2021 – City officials recently approved the city government’s conceptual plan for the proposed Marcos highway growth corridor, otherwise known as the southwestern growth node.

Under Resolution No. 425, series of 2021, signed by mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, local legislators underscored that their manifestations and suggestions shall be incorporated in the formulation of the proposed master development for the Marcos highway growth corridor to be clearer and to encompass all other important and necessary details, such as the conduct of a feasibility study, the conduct of consultations with stakeholders and other government offices, and the submission of the required technical descriptions of the initially proposed 8-hectare area, and the status of negotiations with the agriculture department for the additional 2 hectares.

Further, a comprehensive master development plan for the Marcos highway growth corridor at Marcos highway shall be presented to the City Council for approval and confirmation.

The council noted that the local government needs wide tracks of land for its requirements for the relocation of government facilities, public transportation terminals, impounding areas and other similar needs.

Moreover, the city government is beset with solid waste management and other urban-related activities that necessitate a suitable and spacious area to serve as a transfer station for efficient waste handling.

 Earlier, the council passed Resolution No. 442, series of 2019, authorized Mayor Magalong to renegotiate with the Department of Agriculture for an additional area in terms of an amended or supplemental contract of usufruct for city needs located at Dontogan barangay.

Subsequently, the council passed Resolution No. 443, series of 2019, earlier confirmed the usufruct agreement between the city government and the Department of Agriculture for city land needs, such that the survey, technical description of the said area shall be submitted to the city council for confirmation.

According to the council, the usufruct over the land is purposely for the city land needs which includes, but is not limited to the put up of a temporary waste transfer station for efficient waste handling and management; south-bound public transport terminal; impounding area for colorum vehicles; location for fire station buildings; location for government buildings for city government offices and other city land needs.

The Marcos highway growth corridor concept plan was presented to the local legislative body by the City Planning and Development Office during one of the body’s regular sessions to provide the local legislators with a clearer view of the plan for future references in the pursuit of the development of the area for the benefit of improving the delivery of services to the residents.

The approval of the plan will serve as a reference for the concerned offices of the local government to work out the completion of the required comprehensive master development plan as a blueprint for the development of the place which has been identified as the expansion of the city’s development pursuant to existing programs, projects and activities. – Dexter A. See