“Mambunong” or a native priest Ernesto Donato (right) who led and offers prayers to “Kabunyan” (God) in a native language in front of a pig and native chicken. He said, “It is good that the media group thought that this Dap-ay in Tam-Awan Village was heated again for your protection to keep you all away from any disease during the pandemic, and we ask Kabunyan to cleanse your body and your mind to remove your fear, it is also according to what we read in the gall of chicken and pig that matched that you keep good organization and always be careful in your work,”

The ritual was organized by the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club (BCBC) led by President Aldwin Quitasol which the primary purpose is to cleanse the mind of our colleague, especially in our families not to be infected with the widespread case of coronavirus (COVID-19) as we working journalist are exposed in different places where we getting the news. Held at Tam-Awan Village last June 12, 2021.  Photos by: Mario Oclaman / FNS