City prepares for vaccination deployment

BAGUIO CITY (5 February 2021) – The local government is in full throttle in the preparation of its coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine deployment and immunization action plan in anticipation of the arrival of life-saving vaccines.

Thus, declared Health Services Office head Rowena Galpo during the regular management committee meeting Tuesday at Baguio Convention Center with city officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

Based on the National Action Plan (NAP), the city’s version will be a microplan aimed at the efficient  deployment of vaccines and operations of the immunization process, Galpo explained.

She said priority groups identified for vaccination include frontline health workers, indigent senior citizens, remaining senior citizens, remaining indigent population, uniformed personnel, and other private sector employees.

Galpo also mentioned the completed composition of teams tasked with implementing the vaccination roll-out, their specific responsibilities and other details.

Information and Education campaigns on the importance of vaccination, adhering to health protocols and living a healthy lifestyle are continuously being shared to the public thru traditional and social media outlets and other means, Galpo said.

The Mayor said the city government is  targeting all residents eligible to have the vaccine to be immunized against the deadly virus as soon as the vaccines are available.

Last month, two units of freezers that can store -70 Centigrade vaccines ordered by the city arrived from China to bolster the Summer Capital’s  immunization intentions.- Gaby B. Keith