City okays conduct of month-long plant activity at Igorot Park

City okays conduct of month-long plant activity at Igorot Park

Mayor Benjamin Magalong ratified city council resolution no. 328, series of 2022, approving the conduct of a marketing and promotional endeavor by members of the Baguio Plantito Plantita Fever in the Summer Capital’s Igorot Park from October 15 to November 15, this year.

The local legislature considered a letter dated 01 August 2022 of Ricky Santiago,a member of the Baguio Plantito Plantita Fever, requesting permission to conduct the activity for the mentioned one-month period.

It will showcase different ornamental, herbal, flowering and succulent plants including fruit-bearing trees, his letter explained.

The august body’s committee on market, trade, commerce and agriculture chaired by councilor Isabelo ‘Popo’ Cosalan in its 2nd indorsement dated 04 August 2022, recommended approval of the request.

A plantito (male) and plantita (female) usually describes individuals who love to grow and nurture plants more often in their backyards as a form of therapeutic activity or other reasons.

According to an article published in the  World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Philippines website on Sustainable Food Systems dated September 2020, the five ways to be a responsible plant parent include doing research on the plants you want to take care of; asking questions about the plant you are about to buy; being content with what’s commonly available; not falling for social media challenges; and sharing your knowledge with fellow plantitos and plantitas. – Gaby B. Keith