City capacitates barangays to do own disinfection

BAGUIO CITY  – The city government through the Sanitation Division of the City Health Services Office had been capacitating barangays to undertake their own disinfection measures as a preventive strategy to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Sanitation Division Chief Engr. Charles Carame said they conducted a series of in-house decontamination seminars for barangays and have so far commissioned 32 of them.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong asked Carame to continue the trainings to empower all of the 128 barangays in the city on said aspect.

The 32 barangays now undertaking their own decontamination procedures are Middle Quezon Hill, Upper Quezon Hill, Lualhati, Outlook, Pucsusan, Gibraltar, AZCKO, North Sanitary Camp, South Sanitary Camp, P. Burgos

East Bayan Park, Middle Quirino Hill, Imelda Village, New Lucban, Kias, Fort del Pilar, Country Club Village, South Drive, Malcolm Square, Victoria Village,

Trancoville Barangay, Magsaysay Private Road Holyghost Extension, Alfonso Tabora, Brookspoint, San Luis, Mines View Park, Quezon Hill Proper, Upper Magsaysay, Pacdal, St. Joseph and Lucnab

Carame said disinfection requirements of their constituents may now be coursed through the barangay officials and the Barangay Health Emergency Teams (BHERTs) of said barangays.

 He encouraged households and establishments to also undertake their own disinfection regularly using this tip circulated by the Cordillera Disaster Risk Reduction Management:

1. Open windows to let air flow in the house;

2. Mix one part of bleach and nine parts water.  Mix it well and do not expose solution to direct sunlight.

3. Clean the areas with detergent soap first then disinfect the area using sprayer with the bleach solution.

4. Apply to areas and objects that are frequently touched.  Let dry for 15-30 minutes before dry wiping.- Aileen P. Refuerzo