City ascertains site for P50 million Irisan barangay hall

BAGUIO CITY – (9 February 2021) – City and barangay officials are working out the identification of the appropriate site for the put up of the P50 million Irisan barangay hall that will serve as one of the local government’s projects showcasing the product of good governance.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong ordered City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) head Arch. Johnny Degay and City Planning and Development Officer Arch. Dona R. Tabangin to engage the barangay officials and residents of Irisan to guide city officials in ascertaining the appropriate site where the new barangay hall will be built.

Earlier, the Irisan barangay hall will be demolished after the same will be affected by the ongoing road widening project being undertaken by the public works department along Naguilian road to allow the government to be able to get the appropriate width of national roads with the dismantling of illegal structures, including public buildings, that were erected on the same.

Based on the presentation of CBAO, the sites that are being recommended for the put up of the structure include the area along Luna St. near the city’s socialized housing project and the area near the Philippine Science High School, both in Irisan barangay.

However, the local chief executive stipulated that there is a need for the concerned offices of the local government to consult with the barangay officials and the community on which between the two proposed sites will be acceptable to them so that the project will be implemented the soonest for the barangay to have a permanent site.

For his part, Degay stated that the plans for the put up of the Irisan barangay hall was already completed and awaiting the identification of the permanent site for the structure to pave the way for the realization of the project.

According to him, the proposed site of the barangay hall along Luna Street has some challenges because of the terrain in the area while the site near the Philippine Science High School is a flat land but the priority of the barangay officials is that the seat of governance in the barangay must be within the center of the community for the convenience of their constituents.

The P50 million Irisan barangay hall is one of the three barangay halls that are being constructed under the present administration following the ongoing construction of the P57 million put up of the Bakakeng Central barangay hall and multipurpose center and the P36 million Quirino Hill barangay hall project.

He claimed that the proposed Irisan barangay hall will be able to accommodate the various offices of the city including the extension office of the City Social Welfare and Development Office aside from the same being used as multipurpose center for various barangay and civic-related activities of different organizations.

Irisan enjoys the distinction of being the most populated and the largest barangay in terms of land area in the city playing host to 28 puroks and having a population of more than 30,000.

After the identification of the site where the barangay hall will be constructed, the city will bid out the project that will be implemented by the contractor that will be determined to be the complying and responsive bidder for the same. – Dexter A. See