CDRRMO says more people borrowing oxygen tanks from the city

There is an increasing number of individuals borrowing oxygen tanks from the city especially those Covid-19 patients who are awaiting to be admitted to hospitals and those that are on home quarantine who experience shortness of breathing according to City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) chief Antonette Anaban.In her report on the city’s Covid-19 Delta variant contingency plan during the virtual management committee meeting, September 28, of local officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong, she said 250 tanks of oxygen supply of varied sizes are currently available for emergency use and can be accessed at the CDRRMO.

Anaban said personal use is welcome as long as those who borrowed  will return the oxygen tanks refilled since access to oxygen supply is one of the key result areas of the contingency plan.

An additional 62 pieces of 50-pound oxygen tanks and 62 oxygen regulators were procured by the city on September 24 making a total of 97 tanks that are being used in the isolation facilities, she said.

Anaban earlier said that a patient consumes a 50-pound O2 within 5-6 hours. It means that daily demand for O2 ranges from 200 to 240 pounds daily and with 56 patients currently needing O2 at the BCCIU, the required demand for O2 is between 11,200 to 13,440 pounds or equivalent to an average of 246 units of 50-pound O2 tanks daily.

Since the demand for O2 varies depending on the number of cases, the city should have a daily buffer of at least 30 pieces of 10 pounds; 30 pieces, 20 pounds and 20 pieces, 50 pounds of oxygen tanks and that it should establish a network with an outside oxygen industrial plant to sustain its supply.

The Health Services Office (HSO) headed by Dr. Rowena Galpo will oversee the city’s overall oxygen supply while the General Service Office under Eugene Buyucan and CDRRMO will pick up empty oxygen tanks from health facilities, bring them to suppliers for refilling then deliver them back to the facilities.

The Mayor said that other than establishing a network with an outside oxygen company, he tasked the Local Finance Committee to see if the city could construct its own oxygen plant to supply the city’s oxygen needs.

He also pointed out the possibility of the city entering into rental or other similar agreements with suppliers as he assured that the city continues to find ways in making sure that it has a stable and adequate oxygen supply.

Meanwhile, Anaban is also asking all city government offices to have their own respective Covid-19 contingency plans especially now that the more infectious Delta variant has emerged.

This is in keeping with the city’s push towards “self-reliance” and will encourage offices to be pro-active in dealing with the pandemic and not be overly dependent on other departments, she said.

Anaban has reiterated her previous report for all government and private establishments to designate their respective health protocol officer to enforce minimum public health standards in their workplaces subject to orientation by the HSO so they will know what to do when an employee tests positive of the virus. – Gaby B. Keith