BLISTT will benefit from two major projects of CJHDevCo  – Sobrepeña

BLISTT will benefit from two major projects of CJHDevCo  – Sobrepeña

WASTE TO ENERGY PLANT SOON TO RISE IN SABLAN. In Photo:  (Top from l-r) Atty. Federico Mandapat, Ronnie Samaniego, CJHDevCo Chairman Robert John Sobrepeña, and Rafael “Peng” Perez De Tagle show the proposed two big projects in Baguio and Sablan to the local media. (below right photo) the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding of the Waste to Energy Project with the City Mayor Benjamin Magalong together with the municipality mayors held on September 21, 2020, at the Forest Lodge, Camp John Hay. (Photo by Mario Oclaman //FNS)

BAGUIO CITY  –  CJHDevCo Chairman Robert John Sobrepena is holding a Press Conference at Louie Y’s Bar, Forest Lodge on March 20, 2024.

Sobrepena laid out two big projects to be led by Metro Global Holdings Corporation which will help Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba,  and Tublay (BLISTT)

According to Sobrepeña, “The Waste to Energy project will be going up in Sablan, the WtE will take roughly about 500 tons per day of Municipal Waste from Baguio City and the municipality in Benguet.

“In the process of putting up the plan, we have the local approvals and we are now working with the national permits so, we can move forward with the waste to the energy plant,”

“Power Generation Permit takes time because there are so many requirements it took over a year to get a permit for our solar plant.

“We are in the process of getting the free prior informed consent of the local of Sablan for the 21 permits from government agencies like the DENR, DAR, Power Energy, National Science,”

“The 6-hectare property will occupy roughly about  3 to 4 hectares and a center of employment for all the residents of Sablan  the local community will be talking to for the last 3 years explaining about this project this plant needs 500 tons per day and the waste coming from Benguet and there is enough waste we might even have to import some waste to La Union to feed the plant so, there is no stock file and there is no smell  because the waste is put into the bunker and it is needed to process into power converted to RDF which creates a power,”

“The cost of a Power plant is approximately $50 to 55 million this is the best and most expensive modern plant in the world

“The benefits for Sablan once this facility is up it will be a very big source for employment  and it holds the waste management program of Sablan itself  and the environmental benefits, the power that it generates will have a better power source for Sablan and last this plant is the state-of-the-art that we expect tourism a lot of tourists to come into this country specifically to Sablan,”

About the segregation process of solid Municipal waste, Sobrepena agreed that get all the waste “kami na ang magse segregate” by the automatic process of segregation and we will work with the municipality and the city to inform the segregation process it may take a year or 2 but once the municipality and the city learn the segregation process then that’s the time segregating and bringing in the municipal waste,”

Mayor Benjamin Magalong wants to invest in this because of long-term solutions to their problem so, there is a 6-hectare property that we are leasing with an option to buy and the mayor is studying the possibility of Baguio City buying the plant and in return became a venture partner so that they will get the returns from  investing in the projects,”

The second project is the transport project the Electric Transport Project for Baguio City it will run completely on electricity and battery and therefore there will be no pollution, there are no fumes and it will run completely on electricity and the electricity will come from the waste to energy plant that will be put up in Sablan.

In the middle of the Central Business District of Baguio City, we have proposed a Monorail that will be roughly 4.7 Km with a route of 8 Strategic Stations.

The proposed project, the Monorail system cost about US$60 million but it would possibly help solve the traffic in the city.

The reason we close the monorail system is very light aluminum and 1-meter diameter the size of the column, the rail is aluminum, the trail is aluminum and it is very lightweight this is the advantage of the technology,” Sobrepeña concluded. # Mario Oclaman //FNS

Mario Oclaman