Bayanihan Spirit in Action: Pilmico and Animal shelters extend a helping paw

Bayanihan Spirit in Action: Pilmico and Animal shelters extend a helping paw

Animal welfare has become a growing concern in the Philippines, especially with recent incidents of cruelty, maltreatment, and neglect towards animals. Despite the efforts of private entities and individuals to contribute to animal shelters, the growing number of stray cats and dogs poses challenges in reaching all shelters in the country.

Since 2023, Pilmico has regularly donated cat and dog food to their partner shelters as part of their “Project Hero” initiative. This program partners with animal shelter organizations to encourage pet adoption nationwide. From December 2023, Pilmico’s pet food brands have donated over 4,200 bags which have reached various regions nationwide, including Tarlac, Metro Manila, Cebu, Iligan, and other areas.

With the help of Pilmico’s partner shelters, its pet food donations have reached more locations and fed thousands of stray animals. Biyaya Animal Care, led by Rina Ortiz, coordinated with the Philippine Navy Western Command and sent 250 bags of Maxime dog food to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, and the surrounding islands. Noah’s Ark Dog and Cat Shelter also provided Pilmico’s pet food to individuals and other organizations caring for stray animals around Antipolo. Meanwhile, Iligan Stray Feeders distributed pet food to more shelters around Cagayan De Oro, while their volunteers also fed stray animals on the streets in their local communities. These are just a few of Pimlico’s partner organizations that extended help to other animal shelters and engaged in community feeding.

Norie Bermudez, Agribusiness Country Director – PH of Pilmico and Gold Coin, shared her immense gratitude to their partner shelters. “It was heartwarming to hear from our partner shelters that Pilmico, through Maxime and our pet food brands, became an instrument in sharing resources with more shelters, organizations, and individuals. We understand these shelters’ challenges, particularly in feeding the animals in their care. That’s why we established our ‘Project Hero’ initiative,” she said.

Maxime and its partner animal shelters continue to embody the Bayanihan spirit by working together to address animal welfare concerns. On March 20, 2024, the Senate of the Philippines called for the passage of Senate Bill 2458, which seeks to amend the Animal Welfare Act to improve education and address animal welfare issues.

“We are happy to work together towards a common goal — to improve and promote animal welfare nationwide. We at Pilmico are proud to be part of this movement and will continue to support animal shelters through our initiatives,” Bermudez added.

This initiative underscores Pilmico’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare. Through Woofy’s “Project Hero,” a program in partnership with animal shelter organizations to encourage pet adoption nationwide, Pilmico continues its dedicated support. Alongside its pet food brands Maxime, Woofy, and Tommy, Pilmico remains steadfast in providing nutritious dog food to shelters, reaffirming its pledge to improve the lives of animals nationwide. (PR)